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Ant Pest Control and Extermination Services

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See ants in your cabinets?

Rotted areas on the exterior of your home or business premises?


Ants and termites infestation are a real nuisance to your peace-of-mind and the number one structural pests infestation in North America. In Canada, the most common ant species are the well known carpenter ants, pavement ants, and pharaoh ants.


Ants may seem small, but they may cause serious damage to your house foundation which may cause greater unwanted headaches. Precisely, the carpenter ants can cause great damage to your decks and porches, hurting their structural integrity. Pavement ants can bite when disturbed and carry diseases around food area.  Our professional and guaranteed pests control services will investigate, determine the biology and establish proper ants control methods.

How we will help you

For Price & Questions

Carpenter ant control involves tracking down and treating all satellite colonies inside and outside your property. Just like termites, they rely on their numbers to join up forces while doing damages. Our team will find and treat the parent colony to get rid of the problem from the roots. Successfully controlling carpenter ants requires certain skills, knowledge and experience. Our team got it all.


Our professional team of exterminators will begin by examining the infestation to decide its magnitude before deciding on the most successful personalized solution for your house. Finally, we use our expertise to fully and completely lay out a termites treatment and control plan. 


Mr.Pests Control Ottawa technicians have extensive expertise dealing with all types of ants and we know exactly how to get rid of them effectively and at the lowest price available in Ottawa-Gatineau. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 


Lowest Prices in Ottawa-Gatineau | Guaranteed Ottawa-Gatineau Pest Control

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