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  • How much does pest control cost in Ottawa and Gatineau?
    We intend to outperform our key competitors' quotes by a significant margin. To learn more about our unbeatable prices, give us a call. We make every attempt to provide a high-quality service at a price that is both reasonable and affordable. Call us right now at 613-620-1668to schedule an inspection and receive a customised price.
  • Are your pest control treatments guaranteed?
    Customers have the option of selecting the length and type of service guarantee they want to buy. Call us right now at 613-620-1668 to learn more about our services and warranties.
  • What pest control product do you use? are they eco friendly?
    We promise to use the most effective pest control products available in the pest management industry. We prioritise quality over price. We follow all chemical industry safety recommendations and legal requirements, including Canada's Pest Control Products Act, and have strict chemical safety protocols in place. Our organization's safety is a pillar. Every home and business is treated as if it were our own. Call us now at 613-620-1668 to discuss your safety concerns, and our staff will assist you in determining the safest course of action.
  • Do you offer a monthly pest control service for bakeries, restaurants, retail stores, and warehouses with business pest control certificates and reports?"
    We provide recurring monthly pest control services to commercial and industrial clients in the food and non-food processing industries. For bakeries, cafes, restaurants, food processing plants, and other commercial establishments that process and handle food, we have cockroach and rodent eradication programs. If your business is facing fines and other penalties from municipal and provincial regulators, we can provide quick and long-term pest extermination. On a regular basis, we provide pest control service reports as well as comprehensive pest inspection reports. In order to meet the requirements of your company. Call us now at613-620-1668 for commercial and industrial pest extermination.
  • Why are pests infesting my home?
    There are numerous reasons why homes become infested. Each pest infestation has a distinct origin. Pests select a safe haven based on their biological requirements. Rodents gather in houses to avoid the biting cold of winter and to find food. New mouse infestations, for example, are likely to coincide with the first nights of frost. Typically, new mouse intrusions into Ottawa-Gatineau Area homes begin in December. This pattern will continue until the end of May. Invasion by larger animals, such as raccoons and squirrels, tends to coincide with the pregnancy/birth cycle. From December to April, animals are more desperate for new homes. This is due to their desire to survive freezing temperatures, avoid predators, and, most importantly, find a safe place to give birth to their children. Homeowners, on the other hand, frequently notice these issues after the birth of the animal babies, making the infestation more difficult to control. Insect infestations begin in gardens and backyards and work their way into homes. Bed bugs and cockroaches, two of our area's scariest pests, are almost always introduced by human activity rather than natural means. Call us right now at 613-620-1668to schedule an inspection and receive a customised price.
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