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Cockroach Extermination and Pest Control

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One of the most irritating and resilient structural pests infestation is the well known cockroach. These insects enter your home in many ways, including crawling inside through small holes and cracks in the building, hitching a ride on bags, backpacks, suitcases, finding openings around doors and windows and moving from one apartment to another through pipes. Once in, it can be easy and very quickly for them to inhibit and intestate your home. If suffering from cockroaches in your home or business premises,  the fastest and most effective way to manage it elimination is to call a professional cockroach exterminator. In addition to the the cockroaches control plan, our knowledgeable exterminators will establish a preventative plan  to follow which can help decrease the chances of pests infestations in your home. 

How we will help you

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Cockroaches can be found in both commercial buildings and residential homes. As one of the most reliable pest control service in the Ottawa region, we provide services to relieve you or your businesses from the various risks of having a cockroach infestation. You can rest assured that our skilled technicians have priority to solve your cockroaches problem using the most safe and effective method. Our services provide you with assurance, peace-of-mind and a fast solution throughout the extermination process.

Effects cockroach infestation

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Cockroaches infestation can cause serious adverse effect to human health such as allergies from the pollen carried by theses creatures, asthma and poisoning through contaminated food. They can also spread harmful bacteria through food surfaces. Accordingly, to prevent adverse health outcomes, hiring exterminator services is essential during a cockroach infestation. Trust our local pests control company to provide you with the most effective and rapid response to your pest control need. Mr. Pets Control Ottawa extends its reliable and trustworthy services to cover apartments, commercial buildings and residential homes, assisting our clients with cockroaches and various other pest problems.


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