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Flea Extermination and Pest Control Services

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A flea pest infestation is an attack and an invasion of your space. Flea may be dismissed as a small pest but it is extremely dangerous. This is because it rely on warm-blooded hosts for nourishment and will use households pets to spread around frequented areas of the house to settle in pet beds, cracks and crevices. A severe untreated infestation can lead to aggressive suffering and eventually kill a cat or dog. Consequently, our skilled and experienced technicians will guarantee the solution to your flea infestation problem. The process of flea removal requires a well laid out plan so that they are completely eliminated from the pets as well as any other place that they might have invaded.

How we will help you

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Fleas can be very frustrating for anyone to deal with, especially if there is a fairly large infestation in your home or on your pets. Our flea pest control services offer you assurance, peace-of-mind and a fast solution . Our experienced and highly trained technicians will observe professionalism and care toward your property and your domestic pets while conducting the extermination. We will also inspect the immediate surroundings of your structural environment with a goal of establishing the causes of such infestations. Helping you maintaining a pet free house is our ultimate goal, we will therefore recommend preventative measures to avoid any future occurrences.

How to identify flea infestation

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Identifying flea infestation in time and making the right treatment choices is crucial. By learning how to identify the signs of fleas, you will be better able to control them in your home and yard before they get out of hand. Owners of cats or dogs should thoroughly and regularly inspect pets for fleas. Pets behaviors like scratching themselves or excessively grooming are signs of fleas infesting their belly. It is also important to watch for flea dirt which is like coarse ground pepper around your pets occupied areas. Upon handing the problem to our professional flea control technicians, you’ll never have to worry about recurring pest infestations.


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