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Rodent Removal and Extermination Services

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House mice and rats are considered one of the major structural pests, causing serious economic loss and an unsanitary environment in infested properties. Mice aggressively seek shelter and tend to live near humans and readily available food sources. There are different places in the home that rodent might explore, the attic is the most common.  Mice and rats infestations brings serious health hazards as they carry numerous diseases affecting humans. Rodent infestations on business premises can be devastating to the operation, ruining the business’ reputation, harming product sell or apartments renting. Having rats and mice in or around your property is discouraging, trust us to provide you with a prompt, reliable and guaranteed pest control services in Ottawa. Our rats and mice removal services are at your sole discretion and we will be glad to help make your home a safer and hospitable place. 

How we will help you

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How to get rid of mice and rats? Our domestic and commercial rodent treatments plans ensures that we effectively and efficiently target a long term rodent control through an integrated pest control management program provided by professional pest control services. We ensure to implement rodent control measures as well as take care of destruction caused to your property. Our team of experts thoroughly inspect all potential pest entry points and move to layering down a protective barrier to repel any pest or wildlife from re entering. We use the most secure mouse and rats trap as well as tamper-resistant bait stations to protect children and pets in and around premises. Call Mr. Pest Control Ottawa and Gatineau today and put an end to the stress and discomfort that has been brought by the rodents in your home. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians will work diligently to eradicate the rodents infestation and restore peace and normalcy in your home. 

Effects of not removing rodents

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Failure to remove rodents can result in a number of negative consequences. Rodents are disease carrying vectors and having them in your living environment is exposing yourself as well as your family to diseases, such as rabies. Furthermore, they are hosts to other parasites like fleas which can causes harm and danger to your house pets. Rodents are also extremely destructive animals. They cause unprecedented destruction to the attic materials, electrical wiring, causing power outages, provoking electrical fires, and forcing expensive repairs. If you are noticing black dropping in your basement, it is important to act promptly. Rodent multiply exponentially which will expand the risks associated to the infestation. Make the right decision and call us to begin professional rodent control measures to keep your home and family safe and healthy. 


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