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Skunk Removal and Control Services

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There are many reasons why you should never entertain the presence of skunk in your premises. Though others may argue that they are useful due to the fact that they feed on small rodents like rats and mice, their presence around human beings is a great heath concern. It will interest you to note that skunk is the second leading cause of rabies in Canada. But it is not only rabies that skunk can transmit to human beings.

Skunks are also known to have a characteristic pungent smell that many find to be irritating and also don’t forget that they have a defensive spray which can cause a lot of irritation to the skin and temporary blindness should it land on your eyes. Therefore, you should make every effort you get rid of skunks as soon as you see them.

How we will help you

For Price & Questions

If you are bothered with skunks, get in touch with us and we will help you with the skunk removal services without any hitches. We are experienced in this and other pest control services where we employ humane and non aggressive skunk removal methods. Our desire is not to kill them or hurt them in any way but to make them leave your premises so that they can find alternative dwelling places where they will not bother you.


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