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Bee & Wasp


Bee & Wasp Pest Control Removal and Extermination Services 

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Bees and wasp nests can be found in several areas in and around homes and are particularly present in the late summer. Bees and wasp are not the ordinary insects you would wish to entertain around your premises. It is necessary to exercise extreme caution since they can be dangerous and aggressive and will sting to defend their nests. The stinging of these insects can lead to severe allergic reactions and has the capabilities of being fatal. Although it may be tempting to try do-it-yourself , it is important to avoid unnecessary troubles and remember that wasp nest removal is best left to professionals should you notice their presence in your home or business premises. Our technicians have the proper equipment and techniques for safe and effective wasp and bees nest removal.

How we will help you

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We use precise, gentle, environment friendly and effective method in removing bees and wasp nests. We start by conducting a thorough inspection to identify the biology and the extent of the infestation. With knowledge and guidance, we will present you with a customized solution unique to every environment and infestation . We will remove the nest and treat the area around your premise without compromising your safety or that of your neighbors. Finally, we will educate you on how to prevent wasps and bees invasion by doing some habitat and human behavior modification.


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