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Wildlife Removal and Animal Removal Services

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Urban wildlife such as raccoons, skunks, and squirrels are part of the natural world, but can become major pests when they set up home in your property, causing structural damage, transmitting diseases to your family, or even attacking your pets. Professional wildlife removal and complete wildlife control is imperative in keeping your home and family safe. We are a team of experts offering wildlife removal services in Ottawa and Gatineau. We ensure to manipulate the wildlife in the best possible ways respecting the animals and the environment by following the wildlife removal regulations applicable in your area. Having a certain type of wildlife on your property is an uncommon situation that causes risks to the safety of the family members, to your house structure and possibly to your health. Racoons are smart and extremely strong animals that can tear apart the outside of your home to happily settle in the warm insulation of the attic to have their babies. Be cautious, raccoons are dangerous creatures. If you have a raccoon problem, call a pest management company right away.

How we will help you

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Whether it’s raccoon removal, skunk removal, squirrel removal  or preventative control, we have professional technicians with the right tools and training to tackle even your most difficult wildlife control needs. When you contact us for the purposes of wildlife control, we go through professional steps to remove the wild animal from your premises in a humane and safe methods . Our experienced technician will do a complete inspection of your property to determine the type, severity and structural damages. We then proceed to sealing entry points which is an imperative step to avoid re-entry of the critters. Wild life intrusion often need structural reinforcement where we repair all the structures that might have been damaged due to the intrusion. 


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