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Mr. Pests Control guarantees to completely eliminate any residential or commercial pest infestations for all our clients in Ottawa-Gatineau.

Eco Friendly Pest Control 

Mr. Pests Control is an eco-friendly pest extermination service provider fully licensed by the ministry of environment in Ontario and Quebec.

Low Price Guarantee

Our 100% guaranteed pest control prices are set lower than our competitors through a price matching program, ensuring
you get the lowest rates

for quality pest control in Ottawa-Gatineau


Pest Control Services Ottawa & Gatineau Regions

Mr. Pests Control Inc. is a local pest control management company in the Ottawa and Gatineau surrounding areas. Our experienced team of licensed technicians strive to reach your satisfaction and peace of mind. We solve your pests problems using the most suitable, environment friendly pest integrated management techniques, ensuring they are the most up-to-date at the most affordable prices! We take your property and your well being to heart as such our guaranteed results ensure your pests problems are solved once and for all . Whether you are a business owner or a resident having a problem with bed bugs, wasps, bees, ants, mice, rats, hornets, moths, earwigs, beetles, centipedes, millipedes, silverfish, weevils, fleas, ticks, mites, cockroaches, spiders, flies, sow bugs, ladybugs, boxelder bugs, stink bugs or any other pests, we are on call away to solve your pest problems . Call us today for a free pest control estimate and to schedule your guaranteed pest removal.

Bed Bug Exterminator Ottawa and Gatineau

Bed bugs are a nightmare problem to have and we are here for you! Our extensive bed bug tailored treatment program include prevention, identifying, monitoring,  treating, and following. We guarantee to offer you the best bed bug home pest control service in Ottawa to reach your peace of mind at competitive prices! 

Rodent Control Ottawa and Gatineau

It only takes 1/4 inch opening to get a mouse into your property! Our preventative teaching approach and most meticulous techniques allow us to identify entry points and complete the best suitable treatments. We guarantee to eradicate the problem and prevent it from re-occurring in the future.

Cockroach Control Ottawa and Gatineau

Do not underestimate their harm!

Coackroaches are disease-transmitting insects that could also cause allergies possibly leading to asthma. The fastest and most dependable option is calling a pest control professional. Our professional extermination team knows exactly how to eliminate your cockroach problem safely, and once and for all.

Ant Control
Ottawa and Gatineau

Carpenter ants can invade and damage your home and thus needs professional removal for long-lasting results. Our experienced team uses advanced precise techniques that target the entire ant colony. Our work is guaranteed and your satisfaction is our priority. We completely eliminate any type of ant infestation you may have.

Bee & Wasp Nest Removal Ottawa and Gatineau

Your safety is priority, nest removal is best left to professionals. Our pest experts use the proper equipment and training for the  the control of stinging insects, such as bees and wasps. We provide these pest control services for commercial and residential customers anywhere in Ottawa and Gatineau.

Wildlife Removal
Ottawa and Gatineau

Wild life animals will find entry into your home to safely have and raise their offspring. This can damage the structure of your home leaving you in a dangerous and expensive situation. We have extensive experience in removing respectfully all types of wildlife found in Ottawa’s homes and businesses. Our highly skilled handyman team of wildlife removal experts will investigate, treat and fortify to help you solve your problem safely ensuring you are satisfied with the results.


Lowest Prices in Ottawa-Gatineau | Guaranteed Ottawa-Gatineau Pest Control

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